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yin yang tiger dragon tattoo is the very best quality pictures from others that related to Tattoo Design. the tiger represents the yin female and dragon represents the yang male the basic aim of chi energy is to maintain the balance between these two opposing and powerful forces the logic behind the selection of these two animals is that a tiger and a dragon play an important role in chinas martial arts discipline depicting the rivalry , beautiful yin and yang dragon tiger tattoo dragon and tiger tattoo, basically these are chinese symbols for yin and yang with the dragon representing the yang part that is adventurous bold more outgoing full of energy and offensive the tiger represents the yin a more discreet subtle creature that can secretly follow its prey for miles and pounce upon it when the time is right, explore jennifer fallons board yin yang dragon tiger on pinterest see more ideas about yin yang dragon tiger tattoo and tattoo designs discover recipes home ideas style inspiration and other ideas to try a board by jennifer fallon tiger and dragon yin yang tattoo on left shoulder see more

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badass tiger and dragon tattoo sketch almost whole body yin yang tattoo design depicting a tree of life in a gorgeous story telling artwork this cherry blossom tree separates two worlds one is in hot summer time full of light and suns heat in bright yellow and warm orange colors with red burning sun cool koi fish yin yang tattoo , dragon vs tiger tattoo yin and yang beast fight tshirt by funny yin yang animal shirts 1990 19 90 prime free shipping on eligible orders product features tiger dragon yin yang symbol spirituality shirt buddha yoga

the power of the dragons yang and the tigers yin the dragon and the tiger in the book of changes by steve marshall the dragon is a powerfully yang creature while the tiger despite connotations of strength associated with yang is regarded as a very yin creature, 3 cool yin yang symbols originally posted by tattoojournal chinese people have high regard for yin yang tattoos 4 yin yang tattoo for girls originally posted by tattooton the yin yang symbol is actually a combination of dragon and phoenix, the phoenix aka firebird is a chinese mythological creature it also exists in greek mythology in chinese culture the phoenix is known as fenghuang and was used to represent the empress chinese phoenix tattoos symbolize high virtue and grace the union of yin and yang a phoenix tattoo combined with a dragon symbolizes the union between husband and wife yin and yang, the dragon is fiery and destructive but its force is tempered by the tiger energy so the yinyang of these two powerful creatures creates a perfect balance symbols of the tiger and dragon in mythology pulling the energies of the tiger and the dragon into the yinyang symbol visualizes the interplay of light and dark energy typically the

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